OUR CLIENTS // and what they say

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James has and continues to be a driving force in the design and collaboration that I entrusted him with for my website for art and philanthropy. Finding the right partner is always the key for a beautiful relationship and since our meeting of the minds and heart several years ago, I must commend James and his team in being up for the challenge and always bringing their A game to my side.

Parmiss ~ Artist, Entrepreneur, Activist

I've hired James for design & development services on multiple passion projects over the last decade. He's always done an incredible job of listening to the initial ideas, translating those ideas into functional requirements and delivering a high-quality solution that brings those ideas to life digitally.

I've recommended James to friends that run businesses and both them and their customers have had positive experiences with James and his created products as well.

Logan Cummins ~ Associate Brand Manager, Pledge at SC Johnson

Whether we are travelling or working, it can be very intimidating when we don’t understand the language being used. Remarkably, James is able to easily translate the language of technology and design to something clients can also understand. He answers every question, no matter how basic, revises things willingly and loves to laugh. Really, what more could a client ask for?!

Jan Bailey ~ Professional Speaker Trainer

Simple as this: I recommend working with James. He's not only a great guy that is easy to get along with, he understands your brand. James built us a beautiful website that is fast, SEO friendly, and easy to use. James spends the time to understand your needs and the full scope of your branding before building. He works with you to make tweaks where needed and adapts to you as a client.

I absolutely love working with James.

Justin Chapman ~ CEO, Canscribe College

James Tobias is fast, creative, innovative, and fun to work with! A personal connection was felt almost immediately, and James went above and beyond on our project, resulting in an amazing networking opportunity. The website is visually stunning, and most importantly, we have a huge amount of interaction with our audience because of its design. 

Jesse Thistle ~ Best Selling Author, From the Ashes

Everything  is looking amazing!!! Thank you Sooooo much! You are really pulling it all together bringing me major relief after the chaos of our previous agency!!! I'm Truly happy with the way you understood and translated the vision. It came together beautifully!!! Thank you so much!

Angela Lindvall ~ Model, Actress & Activist

James will become a trusted member of your team and that is the most important part of what you want when you bring someone on board and trust them with your brand and your creatives

Richard Kuypers ~ Chief Marketing Officer at The Condo Store Realty Inc.

Throughout my career I have had the opportunity to work with many web designers and James is truly the best. He understood my needs and the vision and was able to translate these into a website that is best in class. Right from the beginning of the project I could tell that James was professional, he set a plan, established realistic timelines, and far exceeded my expectations. Not only is he a talented designer, but he also has a great personality and just a true pleasure to work with from start to finish! I can’t wait for the next opportunity to work with James again.

Kerry Ann Kotani ~ Chief Operating Officer at Bestmarck Capital Management

Hiring James was the best decision I ever made. Sometimes you need an extra set of eyes and someone who can bring a fresh perspective. James knew how to do all of the things I didn't know anything about, and honestly didn't want to know or learn anything about. He went above and beyond what I hired them for initially and changed the whole structure and outlook of my business. He obsesses over things until he is an expert and saved me from so many simple and complex mistakes I should've made, and that most people in my industries wound up making.

I was able to focus all of my attention on the things I was good at and passionate about while knowing that everything else was handled and in great hands.

Eric Nareshni ~ Owner, Supreme Power Parts Inc // Supreme Forged

Working with on my website design, App and marketing strategy has been a phenomenal experience. James' design skills are exceptional, and his vision for my brand exceeded all my expectations.

To top it off, he was an absolute delight to work with and made me feel as if it was a true collaborative effort. I can’t recommend their services enough. You won’t be disappointed!

Kirk Hollohan, MD ~ Founder, 1Med Health Solutions

We were so incredibly lucky to have James create our website for our documentary film Coextinction. His experience, passion, devotion and kindness throughout the process is one that is hard to come by. He really went above and beyond to ensure our website was beautiful, professional and engaging, while also supporting our project in other ways any chance he got.

I recommend him with all my heart and look forward to working together again!

Gloria Pancrazi ~ Documentary filmmaker and writer, Coextinction

It has been a pleasure working with James the past year. James designs and runs my company website www.confidencebyrandi.com , and I can honestly say that in 7.5 years of having my business I’ve have never had such FAST, effective, smooth communication with website team before!

He always responds right away, is quick to make changes, and has taught me how to navigate the back end on my own. I am so grateful for James and all he does for me and my brand!

Randi Kennedy ~ Women's Health & Fitness Coach / Influencer

James goes above and beyond to create beautiful websites & Graphics, promote them, and offer continued ongoing support.

He works fast, with skilled attention to detail, and is really easy to work with. I'd recommend him to anyone who's looking to develop a platform and expand their reach.

Roz Nay ~ Best Selling Author

James has been with me from the beginning of my dream of becoming an astronaut. I have worked hard and achieved my certification to go to space at age 17, Because of James and his talent at design and creative, fans all over the world have learned about me on my website developed by James.

I would not have been able to get my presence out to the world without the wonderful help of James and his company. Thanks so much for making me look good.

Alyssa Carson ~ International Relations - Global Space Strategic Partnerships - STEM intern at Jacobs Engineering Group Incorporation, Aquanaut, Skydiver, Pilot, Global Speaker, Author, Influencer, Brand Ambassador

Having worked with James on several client websites for our private hosting company I can comfortably say he is a good ally to have in our business. He is intuitive, courteous and responsive.

Omar Nuseibeh ~ Owner, Midwest Data, Inc

I have been meaning to get this email off to you for some time.  I wanted to thank you for our awesome new website.  Really nice work.  I love the way it flows.  All the little touches.  Dynamic.  Friendly.  I am really proud of it.

Dave McCullin ~ VP Design, Tungsten Collaborative

James Tobias & Co is my go to for web design services. James’ hands on approach to understanding Aasan Impact’s service offering has yielded a product that is both purposeful and authentic!

Aliya Rajani ~ Purpose-driven Entrepreneur // Sustainability Strategist // Impact Investor
James Tobias & Co